Marketing Commercial Real Estate

by David Mendivil González

David Mendivil González studied business and finance at Harvard University and spent 15 years in the real estate sector. He also contributed as Director of Development for GMAC.

Spreading the word about available commercial real estate remains crucial to success in the sector. The following tips serve as an introductory guide to marketing multifamily housing, office, and retail spaces.

1. Develop and rely on a sound lead-generation system. You need to find individuals interested in what you have to offer and establish relationships before selling.

2. Create a calendar with annual marketing tasks. Make sure to keep up with the action items chronologically. Planning works only when you act on it.

3. Be creative. You may notice that everyone in your area utilizes the same approach to promote commercial vacancies. Trying a different approach can set your firm apart.

4. Collaborate with an assistant. Commercial property brokers lead busy lives. Once you have developed the action items, delegate them to a trusted helper. This allows you to focus on urgent and critical items.


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